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What we do

Summit Investment Corporation is a financial institution that provides client-focused, high-value solutions, sophisticated investment products and services. In a fast-paced financial world, customers need robust service providers who are committed to providing value-added services. Summit Investment has always been prepared to meet the challenges of this changing environment by providing innovative solutions that meet our customer’s needs and make them more productive in their business pursuits.


Savings and Investments

A Savings account that allows businesses the freedom to manage their money according to their transactional needs. This account provides an unrestricted access to clients’ money anytime and anywhere via our branches or electronic channels.


internet banking

With our internet banking service you can quickly and easily manage your money with our secure website. You have access to your account anytime, anywhere. Benefits include: – View recent transactions – Balance transfers – Account deposits – Pay bills online


Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory team are well equipped to advise on the most appropriate investments and can help you build a portfolio to suit your needs. We understand how important it is for individuals and business owners to be able to access financial advice quickly and easily.

Why Choose Us

We offer our services with top notch professionalism

Always On Time

Delivering results on time always is integral to our work culture

Customer Service

Our team solely exist to serve you and we all know it and are concious of it

24/7 Availability

We're available anytime of day and any day of the week


What Our Clients Say?

Before meeting Summit Investment Corporation i was struggling to keep my finance stable and on point but know i can look at my books and smile
Amanda Lee
Saving is something that has always been a struggle but now it's a breeze because their financial advisory team helped me out greatly
Adam Cheise
If you run a business and don't have a background in finance then you will know keeping your books is tedious. These guys took that burden from me and now i can focus on my business
Catherine Gilbert

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